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SWR News: Fire department’s annual Stuff-A-Bus campaign

Wading River Fire Department

A press conference was recently held at Wading River Fire District headquarters, during which state Sen. Ken LaValle announced that due to the diligence and hard work of the present fire commissioner, Mike Harrigan, the district has been awarded a $200,000 grant toward upgrading its communication systems.

The upgrade is necessary to enhance coordination between agencies in emergencies, which will significantly improve response time and resident safety. Great job, Commissioner Harrigan!

Diane Zack of First Student in Shoreham, where I work, sends belated birthday wishes to Rick and Nicholas Perez. We wish Rick and Nicholas many more happy birthdays.

Kevin Mann, SWR Global Awareness affiliate, once again had the pleasure of closing Lewin Farms the night before Thanksgiving. Pam, farm manager at Lewin, has graciously allowed the Global Awareness Club over the years to donate the remaining produce at the end of the season to soup kitchens, which has amounted to 250,000 pounds of fresh food. Kevin said: “It’s been amazing. This year’s food went to many soup kitchens and churches. We often don’t think of going to local farms for fresh produce. The supermarket is easy; however, keep in mind it is the local farmer who really cares. Many thanks to Lewin, whose heart is even bigger than their farm.”

On the sign outside North Shore United Methodist Church on Route 25A are some words of wisdom: “Thanksgiving is not a day, it’s a lifestyle” and “It’s Thanksgiving, not Thanksgetting.” C.K. Auto’s sign currently reads: “Hope your Thanksgiving was Thank FULL.”

Wading River Fire Department is now running its annual Stuff-A-Bus campaign, for which they literally stuff a bus from floor to ceiling with non-perishables to donate to local outreach organizations. The campaign will run until Jan. 1. If you have any boxes, bottles or cans of non-perishables, they can be brought to department headquarters at 1503 North Country Road in Wading River.

November was really beautiful. I love a nice, long autumn. Soon, the calendar will turn to Dec. 21, the first day of winter. Enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts and be well until we meet here again in this space.

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