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Letter: Bipartisan effort needed for appointed boards

The Town elections are in the history books and whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, what should trouble us all, is how few people voted this year. Each November less and less voters come to the polls. Part of the reason is people don’t feel they can make a difference.

The New Year brings with it openings on the Riverhead Planning Board and the Zoning Board. I urge our Town Board to move away from partisan politics and seek out highly qualified, new members for both boards as well as for the various advisory committees that provide vital citizen input into Town Hall. This is the Town Board’s opportunity to involve new people in the process.

As Chair of the Riverhead Democratic Committee, I urge our Town Board to advertise for and recruit strong, bi-partisan candidates who will bring a fresh approach to doing the people’s business. The lack of ethnic diversity and bi-partisanship on the boards and committees is obvious; these voices also need to be heard. I ask that our elected official’s interview qualified candidates in an advertised, open, honest and transparent process.

The decisions made by the Planning and Zoning Boards directly shape what life is and will be like here in Riverhead. Both boards need competent, experienced, stewards who will look out for Riverhead’s future.

The development of Route 58, EPCAL and downtown will shape this town for generations and huge choices will have to be made by our officials. It’s time to recruit, interview and appoint Planning and Zoning board members who are up to the challenge.

The people of Riverhead deserve the best.