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Photos: Riverhead NJROTC’s annual inspection and pass-in-review

TR20151210_RHS_NJROTC_drillmeet1Dozens of Riverhead High School students enrolled in the Navy Junior ROTC completed their annual inspection and pass-in-review Thursday.

Family members, friends and school officials filled the high school gymnasium Thursday morning to watch as Riverhead’s cadets marched and executed drills. High school principal Charles Regan and Lieutenant Colonel Peter McCarthy, who is in charge of the NJROTC program, encouraged and congratulated the students at the event.

Retired Navy Commander Jimmie Miller, who is now the Area 4 Manager, applauded the cadets and spoke to them about the value of their participation in the NJROTC program — and he encouraged them to “have fun” in their final months of high school.

“I’m here to enjoy you and to encourage you and to remind you that the United States Navy is here supporting this program,” he said. “We want to be lifelong partners with you … [The cadets] may not remember their English teacher, they may not remember their math teacher, but they will never forget the Lieutenant Colonel.”

Photos by Chris Lisinski

Cadets wore their formal uniforms during Thursday’s NJROTC Drill Meet at Riverhead High School.
Older cadets, such as these, performed drill routines for the audience at Thursday’s NJROTC event.
Many parents were in attendance at Thursday’s NJROTC event, fully equipped with all sorts of devices to record the action.
NJROTC cadets spent much of Thursday’s event standing at attention.
Family and friends sat in the Riverhead High School gymnasium to watch the NJROTC’s Drill Meet Thursday.
Retired Navy Commander and Area 4 Manager Jimmie Miller (left) and Lieutenant Colonel Peter McCarthy, who runs Riverhead’s NJROTC program, were in attendance at Thursday’s event.
Retired Navy Commander and Area 4 Manager Jimmie Miller told the NJROTC cadets they should “have fun” before they graduate from Riverhead High School.

Top photo caption: Cadets of Riverhead High School’s NJROTC marched in full dress before an audience at their annual Drill Meet and Pass-in-Review Thursday. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)