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Featured letter: Bucolic Jamesport, adieu!


The hamlet of Jamesport, on the bay

is a place where visitors decide to stay.

It is just that kind of a town

where folks simply want to settle down.

The hamlet is quiet and wonderfully quaint;

a shopping mecca it certainly ain’t!

Instead it is a peaceful and lovely retreat

with which towns to the west just can’t compete!

Among all of these wonderful natural attractions

there are now plans for serious distractions!

Developers want to come and change it all,

building stores and restaurants and a new mall.

This would really be a shame;

the hamlet would never be the same.

Instead of hills, water and woods:

an asphalt jungle peddling unwanted goods!

All of this development is really not needed,

and the voice of the people just won’t be heeded!

Again and again the locals say:

Everything we want is in Riverhead, just four miles away!

The traffic on Route 25 would be a disaster,

moving at a snail’s pace and not a bit faster!

And many a charming little store

certainly would not exist anymore!

Why do we have to develop every town?

I can’t think of a reason that is sound!

A quiet and charming hamlet it would seem

is becoming nothing more than a fading dream!

Let’s keep all future development at bay,

keep the malls and parking lots away!

Listen to what the Jamesporters say:

We prefer our town as it is today!