District investigating school shooting threat at Riverhead High School


Riverhead school officials are investigating the threat of a school shooting plan that was allegedly posted on social media Monday afternoon.

Ultimately deemed “not a threat” by town police, according to Capt. Richard Smith, a police report obtained by the News-Review states that a photograph posted on Instagram referred “to school shooting plans.”

Additional details of the social media post were not released by authorities, who also declined to release the name of the student involved.

Police responded to the high school at 1:30 p.m. Monday after assistant principal Sean O’Hara notified them of the incident.

Superintendent Nancy Carney said in a statement Wednesday morning that an internal investigation is ongoing.

“We take student safety very seriously, and the comments posted on social media are of great concern to the district,” Ms. Carney said in an emailed statement. “Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken once the investigation is complete. We are committed to offering a safe and stable learning environment for all students.”

The district heavily invested in more security on school grounds last year, calling for a 27 percent increase in the 2015-2016 school year. Security costs were upped to $1.13 million; the district’s budget last year was $122 million.

Improvements touted by the district at the time included a video surveillance system for local emergency personnel to view in real time during emergencies, security cameras on buses and ID scanners to track convicted sex offenders.

“It’s all about prevention and preparedness,” Ms. Carney said at the time.

She did not disclose how the district became aware of Monday’s social media post. Police reports indicate that it was reported “for documentation of the incident.”

The student’s parents were notified of the incident, the superintendent said.

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