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Featured letter: It’s more than a holiday and a dream


Once again we celebrate the life of an extraordinary freedom fighter Dr. Martin L. King Jr.

Once again the radio waves are filled with his famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

There have been symbolic marches and speeches about freedom throughout the country as most of us celebrated the federal holiday. Many have the day off to “dream.”

Yet the question is: “Wasn’t Dr. King’s life more than that one speech?”

Our youth and some of us only size Dr. King up to a singular speech. Yet the astute students of his life know that to box him up into one speech would do his life’s service an injustice.

Dr. King placed emphasis not only on racial equality but economic equality as well. Freedom is much more than being able to sit at a lunch counter or ride in the front of a bus. His speeches on being productive, doing for ones-self and building up communities were just as profound and vital as the dream.

Yet as long as we in the black community continue to seek handouts thriving on dependency rather than being independent, as long as we fuel the violence flame killing and harming one another, as long as we continue to blame others for our shortcomings and inadequacies, the aftermath of this federal holiday will always be no more than a dream…..Wake Up!