No parking permitted on Riverhead Town roads during blizzard

Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter issued a winter storm event for Riverhead Town beginning at midnight and running until noon Sunday as a nor’easter bears down on the East Coast bringing blizzard conditions

No parking will be permitted on either side of any roadway in the town during the winter storm event.

Snow is expected to begin early Saturday morning and continue throughout the day into early Sunday. The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning and a Coastal Flood Advisory.

“Tides expected to be 2 to 4 feet above normal due to the storm and the full moon and will affect all areas adjacent to the North Fork,” a weather advisory from the town states.

Residents are urged to avoid any travel on Saturday due to the dangerous conditions. Officials are also encouraging residents to remain at home on Sunday morning once the storm initially passes as highway crews continue to clear roads.

Police are authorized to impound parked or abandoned vehicles that affect roads during a snowstorm.