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Icy, snow-swept roads cause car crashes in Riverhead


At least three accidents have been reported in Riverhead since the begining of rush hour Thursday, according to Riverhead Town police, as high winds blow snow back onto local roads and dropping temperatures lead to icy conditions.

Police said no one was seriously injured in any of the crashes, one of which took place just minutes after highway crews sanded the roads.

Facing a night of plowing and sanding, Highway Superintendent George “Gio” Woodson said the poor conditions will likely continue as long as the wind continues to blow. But he said there’s a simple solution: slow down.

“I’ve seen people doing 60 miles per hour on the roads,” he said. “You just shake your head … People just need to slow down.”

According to Riverhead police, three motor vehicle accidents have been reported since 4 p.m., one of which required more than a dozen first responders to free a driver who became trapped after spinning off the road on Roanoke Avenue. Rescuers had to cut the roof off the vehicle to get the driver out.

Police closed the road in both directions after that crash around 6 p.m.

(Credit: Courtesy photo)
(Credit: Courtesy photo)