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Riverhead Charter School students host Black History Month event


As February comes to a close, students at the Riverhead Charter School hosted their third annual Black History Month Celebration Thursday evening. 

Some of the schools 412 students — all of different ages, races and ethnic backgrounds — came together to participate in a variety show honoring the achievements of African Americans.

“This is not only an opportunity for kids to display their creative skills, but also build confidence and develop a deeper appreciation for all the sacrifices that have been made by African Americans in the past,” Jessica Farmer, fourth grade teacher and lead event planner, said in a statement.

Performances included step exhibition, a civil rights play, singing of old and new popular songs and teaching about the history of hip-hop.

All of the money from the event will be donated to charter schools in Flint, Mich., as the recovery continues from the toxic water crisis. Earlier this month students, parents and teachers donated sealed bottled or cases of water to be delivered to the city.

“We are glad that we are in a position to extend support to other students and their families and do something to alleviate their suffering in a time of need,” Nicola Graham, director of finance, said.

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Photo Caption: Uniya Pascal performs at the Black History Month Celebration on Thursday. (Credit: Courtesy)