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SWR News: Another round of happy birthdays

Wading River Fire Department is mourning the loss of John Waskewicz, a 66-year member.

Longtime Wading River resident and fire department member Mike Wiwczar spoke of the man he knew well. He said, “We went to school together. He was my best friend and when I got married he was my best man. He was a wonderful guy and a dedicated fireman.” Mike also said he was John’s barber for the past 25 years and that he will really miss him. To all those who knew and loved John, so sorry for your loss.

North Country Road Warrior team members run several races throughout the year. Participants who finished in recent competitions are as follows: Little Cow Harbor 4-Mile Run, Dustin DesRoches; the Kings Park 15K, Michelle Bonura, K.C. Brett, Karole Holmes, Bruce Hotchkiss, Joe Lazzaro, Yvonne Leippert, Scott Mandia, Linda Parsons, Scott Robinson, Sherin Shanahan, Kevin Tunney and Nicolle Zeman. Congratulations! Kudos also to the NCRW members who completed the New York City Half Marathon in chilly conditions. Finishing at the top in the male and female categories were: Mike DiLisio, 1:28:04, and Yvonne Leippert, 1:39:52. The other members who finished were Eileen Butler, Kevin Tunney, Neil Chadderton, Ray Costanzo, Joe Lazzaro, Carol Sherlock and Tom Sherlock. Frank Capone, president and founder of NCRW, applauded the team members and commented on the race: “Great performance by everyone in one of the best half marathons on the map.” Those wishing to join the North Country Road Warriors can call Frank at 631-929-4309.

Belated happy birthday to Patty Kitz, who celebrated recently, and to Stephanie Glaab Ozegovich, March 13; Susan Iversen Garrecht and Catherine Hawkins, March 14; and Katie Walden, March 17.

C.K. Auto in Wading River sends happy birthday wishes to Jonny Sigs-Mut.

Happy birthday to my First Student colleague Linda Prifte; Melissa Tuttle, March 25; Paul Barkan and Patricia Thuilot Grimley, March 27; and Jill Meise, March 28.

Diane Zak, also of First Student, would like to send her congratulations to Kassy Welz, who is settling into a new home.

Although spring is here it can still get cold. So keep warm, stay healthy and be grateful for all you have — until we meet here again in two weeks.

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