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Strange protest signs appear, then disappear near Hallock State Park Preserve


One early morning last week, Justin San Andres heard banging outside his home on Sound Avenue just east of the state Hallock State Park Preserve in Northville.

When he stepped outside later that day, he spotted a few signs posted on wooden stakes in the ground on the Mudd Vineyard property.

“STATE PARK = No turtle, salamander, tree frogs or bees. Your money and dumpsters are welcome to THE FOREST?”

“PRESERVE wild don’t destroy! Leave the woods alone”

The signs appeared at first to be protesting the construction of a visitor center next door to the San Andreses’ property. The state’s $3 million plan for the 220-acre preserve — stretching from Sound Avenue to Long Island Sound — includes the construction of a visitor center with restrooms and a meeting room for residents to gather for educational events and programs.

Then more signs appeared, and some seemed to argue with previous protests.

“The consruction [sic] crew is only doing the job. They didn’t do the wrong! Respect THEM.” As of Tuesday morning more than half a dozen wooden signs of various shapes and sizes littered the property just east of the preserve. By Tuesday afternoon, all were gone.

Who planted the signs and who removed them remains unclear. Mudd Vineyard, which owns the property where the signs were placed, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

One neighbor, who’s lived across the street since the 1970s, was convinced the signs weren’t the work of anyone local.

“I know everyone around here,” she said. “I think it’s some outside agitator.”

Photo Caption: The signs were taken down at some point Tuesday. (Credit: Courtesy of Justin San Andres)

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Correction: The park’s name is Hallock State Park Preserve.