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How North Fork residents voted in the presidential primaries

Dpnald Trump at a Suffolk County Republican Committee event in Patchogue earlier this month. (Credit: Michael White/greaterpatchogue.com

And the winners are … Bernie Sanders and John Kasich!

… On Fishers Island, that is.

Just about everywhere else on the North Fork, statewide winners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in Tuesday’s New York presidential primary.

Statewide, Mr. Trump had 60 percent of the vote in the Republican primary, compared with 25 percent for Ohio Governor John Kasich and 14 percent for Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In the Democratic primary, Ms. Clinton took 58 percent of the vote, compared to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ 41 percent.

Locally, Mr. Trump faired a little better, grabbing 73 percent of the vote in Riverhead Town and 64 percent in Southold Town.

Ms. Clinton secured 55 percent of the vote in Riverhead  and 56 percent in Southold, both numbers a little lower than her statewide percentage.

Breaking down the results by hamlets, based on the location of the polling place, Mr. Trump won every district in Southold and Riverhead towns by wide margins, with the exception of Fishers Island, where Mr. Kasich was the top vote getter with 19 of the 30 votes, according to unofficial results from the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

Fishers Island also was one of the few areas that varied from the norm in the Democratic primary, where Mr. Sanders won the island with 19 votes, compared to Ms. Clinton’s 16.

Mr. Sanders won Aquebogue as well, by a 182 to 172 vote margin. The two Democrats tied in Peconic with 34 votes apiece.

Caption: Donald Trump at a Suffolk County Republican Committee event in Patchogue earlier this month. (Credit: Michael White/greaterpatchogue.com.

Below is a breakdown of how each hamlet voted:

Clinton 322
Sanders 218

Trump 603
Kasich 124
Cruz 82

Clinton 287
Sanders 253

Trump 603
Kasich 124
Cruz 82

Sanders 182
Clinton 172

Trump 446
Kasich 87
Cruz 38

Clinton 76
Sanders 59

Trump 178
Kasich 56
Cruz 38

Clinton 114
Sanders 88

Trump 321
Kasich 74
Cruz 38

Clinton 62
Sanders 36

Trump 47
Kasich 10
Cruz 1

Clinton 187
Sanders 159

Trump 371
Kasich 119
Cruz 41

Clinton 140
Sanders 117

Trump 267
Kasich 120
Cruz 49

Clinton 227
Sanders 154

Trump 151
Kasich 57
Cruz 14

Clinton 217
Sanders 173

Trump 385
Kasich 178
Cruz 59

Clinton 85
Sanders 48

Trump 53
Kasich 16
Cruz 9

Sanders 19
Clinton 16

Kasich 19
Trump 9
Cruz 2

Clinton 34
Sanders 23

Trump 53
Kasich 17
Cruz 8

Clinton 34
Sanders 34

Trump 61
Kasich 25
Cruz 11