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Calverton News: Another round of happy birthdays

Happy May, one and all! It really kind of feels like March but I guess it’ll get warm soon. To get you in the mood for spring, Baiting Hollow Congregational Church will hold its annual yard sale Saturday, May 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. With 50-plus vendors I’m sure there will be something for everyone. In the event of rain, the event will be held May 14.

The Riverhead Polish Hall on Marcy Avenue in Riverhead will host its annual Mother’s Day breakfast this Sunday, May 8. It’s always really good, so why not take Mom out for a relaxing breakfast? She’ll love you even more for it.

In 2014, PetSmart Charities granted $56,560 to Kent Animal Shelter. As a result, Kent was able to sterilize over 1,500 cats in the Riverhead area. PetSmart is a big factor in enabling this awesome shelter to spay and neuter hundreds of animals for very little cost. Many thanks go out to PetSmart. Everyone appreciates your generosity.

The hummingbirds are back! My good friend Sue from Manorville told me she saw some males at her feeder. Fill up those feeders but make sure to clean them weekly so that our little friends don’t get sick.

Riverhead Raceway will kick off its season this Saturday night, May 7. Good luck to everyone for a safe season.

Belated happy birthday to Catherine Murtha Kent, who celebrated May 1. We hope you had a great day, Catherine.

Happy birthday to Dan Wells, my daughter’s boyfriend and a great guy, May 6. We wish you a wonderful day, Dan. Birthday wishes also go out to Gail Kappenberg and Wayne Rambo, who both celebrate May 9, from all your family and friends. We hope you guys have a great, happy day.

And finally, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, aunts and grandmas. Even if your baby is a pet, you are still loved and deserve to be honored. Have a simply wonderful day! May it be full of sunshine and happiness.

That is all for this week. Be safe, take care and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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