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So just how much rain has fallen so far this month?

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While some people believe it has been a colder, more rainy May than usual, weather experts say the total rainfall amount since April is currently below average.

May has seen 1.98 inches of rain so far this month — just 0.26 inches above normal, according to data from the National Weather Service’s station in Islip.

And if you throw April into the mix, Long Island has actually seen much less rain than usual: about two inches worth.

“Over the last two months, we’ve been running a deficit even with how rainy it’s been,” meteorologist Faye Barthold said.

In addition, she said this month might have felt crummy because the rainy weather hit all at once.

“I think the perception is there because the first seven days we had rain,” Ms. Barthold said.

She added temperatures are currently 2.6 degrees below normal for this time of year, however, the forecast is looking up.

Meteorologists are predicting the rest of this week will be dry, with warmer temperatures in the 60s.

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Photo: (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)