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Featured Letter: A birthday party to remember

It has been a few weeks since we visited the Suffolk Theater to celebrate my lifelong best friend’s birthday, but the feelings of gratitude and warmth linger on.

As we made plans to create a very special celebration, Michelle (restaurant), Lynne (box office), Clutch (sound engineer) and Kevin (security) all converged and opened their doors and hearts so that the evening could be even more special. You see, just four weeks prior, my best friend’s daughter was rushed to the emergency room and then on to the ICU for reasons even the doctors have not been able to figure out. She was, and still is, literally clinging to life. So how could we possibly celebrate, you ask? Easy! I simply asked this wonderful staff to help and, without hesitation, tickets were made available, a table was prepared and a cake was presented! Mind you, this was a sold-out show for That ’70s Band, so the staff was extremely busy. However, they all found the time to make those few hours ones of much-needed renewal, rest and relaxation for my best friend.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the wonderful staff at the Suffolk Theater for helping us to celebrate life! The Suffolk Theater is truly a theater run by the people, for the people. God bless you all.

Charlene Halsey Mascia lives in Aquebogue