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Featured Letter: No more hate

Another shooting, another tragedy. When will the world realize that hate is the enemy?

The hate that is shown in so many different ways. Blacks against whites; whites against blacks; Christians against Muslims; Muslims against Christians; children against parents; neighbor against neighbor; political parties against each other; and now against the gay community.

There is no end to the hate that seems to rear its ugly head in our lives. Jesus came to teach us to love one another but the world rejects his message and this violence is what we get in exchange. If only one person reads this and promises himself or herself to rid their thought of hateful opinions, this letter will have accomplished its purpose.

It’s not an easy exercise to let go of negative thoughts against others, but there is more harmony to our lives if we do. Let’s appreciate each other more and not let hate rule our thinking — especially in November when we choose a president.

— June Bassemir of Riverhead