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Calverton News: Shelter hosts ‘Wines and Canines’ event

It seems summer is being a little more gracious with us. It’s been a little bit cooler but a little more rain would be much appreciated. I hope you’re freezing any leftover corn! Also, enjoy some delicious peaches, tomatoes and other local produce!

Save the date! Kent Animal Shelter will host its annual “Wines and Canines” walk/run for the shelter’s homeless dogs Sunday, Sept. 25, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Baiting Hollow Vineyard. There are many fun activities planned and you get to bring your canine friend. For more information, call Kent at 631-727-5731 or visit

Congratulations to 2011 Riverhead High School graduate Michael Drozd, who was recently chosen by his choir director at Queens College to perform with Josh Groban! Michael performed at four concerts and 15 students from the college sang with him. Awesome job, Michael! Your mom and dad and all your family and friends are thrilled for you. Best of luck in your future!

Belated happy birthday to the following: my coworker Patti Hautsch, who celebrated July 31, from all of us who know you and love you, especially that cute little niece of yours; my aunt Kay Davis, who celebrated Aug. 3. I hope your day was perfect; my racetrack buddy Becky Yousik Collins, who celebrated Aug. 6. We had a great time at Riverhead Raceway on her special day; my dear friend Donna Lynn Kuhl, who celebrated Aug. 8. Love you!; and to a wonderful guy, James Warner, who celebrated Aug. 9. I hope you had the best day ever!

Happy birthday to my niece Holly White, who will celebrate Aug. 15. Tons of love to you!

Best of luck to all the college kids who have a few more days before they venture off!

That’s all for now. Summer is still going strong, so enjoy it! Take care, be safe and I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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