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Town Board seeks to expand authority over EPCAL subdivisions


The Riverhead Town Board already has jurisdiction over commercial site plans at the Enterprise Park at Calverton, even though that authority rests with the Planning Board elsewhere in town.

Now, it may also gain authority over subdivision applications at EPCAL and in downtown Riverhead.

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The Town Board has scheduled a public hearing for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, to give itself subdivision approval in Urban Renewal areas. It’s a similar proposal to the one that gave it commercial site plan approval at EPCAL.

“This is needed in order for us to start complying with the 90-day permit approval requirement at EPCAL,” Supervisor Sean Walter said, referring to the “fast-track” authority that was approved by the state legislature and requires all properly engineered site plans at EPCAL to either be approved or denied within 90 days. “It would be almost impossible [to comply with the 90-day requirement] for the Town Board not to have site plan and subdivision control.”

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Photo: An aerial view of the EPCAL property in 2014. (Credit: Andrew Lepre, file)