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Report: Clown harassed teen in Wading River last week

Clown sighting Little Leaf Court in Wading River

A 15-year-old girl reported being harassed by an unknown person with a clown mask and costume near Little Leaf Court in Wading River, according to a Riverhead Town police report. 

The alleged incident took place at about 5 p.m. last Wednesday, but police said it wasn’t reported until Sunday. The mask and costume were recovered and turned over to the police property section, according to the report.

The investigation is ongoing, police said.

There had been reports throughout the nation of people in clown costumes spooking residents, to the point where several police agencies, including the Suffolk County Police, issued press releases to address misinformation in their communities.

The Suffolk County police chief said Friday those sightings haven’t been confirmed and described the situation as a social media prank.

“The public should be aware there have been no reported assaults nor credible threats against public safety within the county,” Chief Stu Cameron said.

Suffolk County police received two reports of people dressed as frightening clowns in North Babylon and Brentwood Wednesday night, according to a Newsday story. Police said they’ve found no evidence those incidents occurred.

In Riverhead, rumors spread of scary clown sightings, but local police said on Friday, prior to the report being filed,  that they’ve received no reports of suspicious activity.

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