‘Law & Order’ actor narrates Plum Island film

East End residents interested in learning about efforts to preserve Plum Island will have the chance to attend a screening of a short film about the cause, featuring actor Sam Waterston of “Law & Order.”

The presentation, set for Tuesday, Nov. 29, at 5:30 p.m. at the Southold Town Recreation Center, was organized by the Connecticut Fund for the Environment’s Save the Sound program and will be followed by a virtual tour of the island. A panel of experts from environmental groups, including Group for the East End and the Preserve Plum Island Coalition, will attend , as will Southold Town officials, said Laura McMillan, the fund’s director of communications.

The film, called “Conservation of a Precious Island,” was put together by executive producer Bill Mosher of Visionaries Inc., a nonprofit that produces and distributes media meant to inspire individuals and communities to take action for positive social change. Its videos often appear on PBS stations.

“They’ve been working over the last year probably, doing interviews with members of the Preserve Plum Island Coalition and other environmental advocates and elected officials, getting footage of the island itself,’ Ms. McMillan said.

Mr. Waterston, 76, who narrates the 10-minute film, has donated to causes supporting the environment through the Waterston Family Foundation.

“He lives in Connecticut so he is tuned in to the environmental issues around here already,” Ms. McMillan said.

The event is designed to inform those who might know of Plum Island but have never had the opportunity to visit, as well as give those who are following the cause the latest information on the effort to save the island at the federal level.

The island has been home to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center since 1954 and had been scheduled to be sold by the federal government to the highest bidder because the research lab will be relocated to Kansas. Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against two federal agencies in attempt to block that sale and a bill sponsored by Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) to prevent the sale passed the House of Representatives in May.

“The goal of Save the Sound is to make sure the undeveloped portions of Plum Island are preserved,” Ms. McMillan said.

The organization is also open to having already developed areas of Plum Island used in a way that will not degrade the natural habitats and resources there, she said.

To reserve a spot for the screening, visit https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=E6655&id=51

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