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Update: Copper statue was removed for repairs, town says


Update Tuesday: The copper angel statue that was reported missing by the man behind a 9/11 memorial in Calverton wasn’t missing after all.

According to Riverhead town police, the statue had been removed after it was damaged by high winds. Employees from the town fixed up the statue and were set to return it soon, police said.

Original story: A copper angel statue installed at the Calverton World Trade Center memorial has gone missing.

The statue — which was installed on a pole at the memorial — was discovered missing Monday by Harold Lindstrom, a Calverton resident who helped spearhead the creation of the memorial in 2002. Mr. Lindstrom said he drives past the memorial at the intersection of Edwards and Riley Avenue every day.

“I looked over and it was gone,” he said. “It’s sort of sad this time of year that people would actually do something like this. It seems like there’s nothing sacred anymore these days.”

Riverhead town police were alerted to the missing statue and investigated the scene Monday night just after sunset with Mr. Lindstrom.

Hall Lindstrom at the World Trade Center Memorial in Calverton
Hall Lindstrom at the World Trade Center Memorial in Calverton in 2006 next to the missing copper statue. (Credit: Barbarellen Koch file photo)

The officer investigated the area across the street, thinking that perhaps the angel blew away because of the wind, but Mr. Lindstron insisted that a person would had to have physically pulled it out of the ground for it to be missing. He said the statue was installed at the memorial years ago with concrete and would require work to be removed. 

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Photo caption: Calverton resident Hal Lindstrom stands at the World Trade Center memorial in Calverton and holds a photo of the missing statue. Mr. Lindstrom said he was convinced the statue had been stolen.