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Main Street Heros set to open next month in downtown Riverhead


One of downtown Riverhead’s longest running businesses is being split in half to make way for a new sandwich store called Main Street Heros. 
Ken Loo, owner of Hy Ting Restaurant, is now planning to open the sandwich shop in the front of the building on 54 West Main Street, keeping the Hy Ting entrance in the back.

Hy Ting has been in the Loo family since 1994, and it’s been on West Main Street even longer under a prior owner, Mr. Loo said. He estimates it’s been there since the 1970s in a building that was once the Riverhead police station. And he’s worked at the restaurant since his family bought it, he says, adding that Main Street Heros is expected to open Jan. 2.

He’s advertising it as “Main Street’s Hero Headquarters.”

Mr. Loo said he got the idea during a trip to Southern California with his girlfriend, Maryanne Fiducia, when they visited a place called Fat Sal’s.

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Photo: Ken Loo and girlfriend Maryanne Fiducia inside Main Street Heros, which Mr. Loo is planning to open by Jan. 2 in the front of the Hy Ting building. (Credit: Tim Gannon)