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Highway supe: Roads in Riverhead all open following snowstorm


All roads in Riverhead Town are open this morning following a snowstorm yesterday that brought just over 10 inches of snow to parts of the North Fork yesterday, according to Highway Superintendent George ‘Gio’ Woodson.

“[The roads] have a little snow on them, but if you drive for the conditions — 35 m.p.h. — you’ll be fine,” Mr. Woodson said. “We got trucks out now just pushing back and salting everything.”

The highway department began its work on local roads at about 10 a.m. Saturday and continued through 2 a.m. Sunday, Mr. Woodson said. Most of the workers went home at that point for a break before some returned to begin working again this morning “for some cleaning up”, he said. No major issues were reported overnight, Mr. Woodson said.

“Everything’s open,” he said. “Just doing some finishing touches on them.”

While the low-pressure system that brought heavy snow to the entire North Fork has departed, temperatures are expected to remain below freezing for another two days. Gusty northwest winds of up to 20 miles per hour will make it feel even colder, according to the National Weather Service.

The NWS reported 10.2 inches of snow fell in Calverton and 10 inches in Riverhead. The highest total reported in Suffolk County as of 8 a.m. was Yaphank with 10.8.

The high temperature is not expected to eclipse 24 degrees today with a low of just 8 degrees tonight. Wind gusts at times will make the temperature feel as much as 10 degrees cooler, the NWS reports. That wind should dissipate some Monday, when temperatures are expected to remain in the 20s. It is expected to warm up considerably with highs and lows in the 40s Tuesday.

One other concern will be blowing snow Sunday morning, the NWS warns, especially around open farmland in Riverhead and Southold towns. So far, Mr. Woodson said the blowing snow has been minimal. There is also a slight chance for more light snow in the late afternoon hours, according to the service.

Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter issued a statement at 10 a.m. saying the Winter Storm Event for the town has been rescinded. Residents are still urged to avoid parking their cars on the street to allow plows to operate.


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Photo caption: Snow falling at Riverhead Raceway Saturday afternoon. (Credit: Grant Parpan)