Meet Titan, Riverhead’s newest K-9 cop

The Riverhead Police Department has added a new K-9 to its family.

Titan has moved into the post previously served by Vaki, a longtime police dog who died in August. 

Officer John ‘Jack’ Doscinski, who has served in the K-9 unit for 20 years, said the dog was picked up Thursday from a facility in Western Pennsylvania.

Titan has already begun training, which will continue for several more months.

Mr. Doscinksi said the qualities the department looks for in a police dog are speed, fearlessness and curiosity. He added that the town police department, its Policemen’s Benevolent Association and the Suffolk district attorney’s office all supported the effort to bring Titan to the department.

“I’d like to thank everybody,” Officer Doscinski said. “People really wanted to see us back out there again and it meant a lot to me.”

The dog made his debut during an event at the East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Riverhead Wednesday, where the center was donating first aid and treatment boxes to the Suffolk County K-9 units, as well as demonstrations on how to use them.

Riverhead councilman Tim Hubbard, a retired town police officer, thanked the center for its donation.

“The importance of the K-9 unit is really second to none,” he said. “To have something in the vehicle to be able to treat their animal if they have to is an awesome thing.”

Check back for more information on the East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center’s donation.

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