Poll: Healthcare top concern at Zeldin’s telephone town hall

Lee Zeldin

Constituents who listened to Congressman Lee Zeldin’s telephone town hall Thursday named healthcare as the issue that’s most important to them, according to a poll results released by his office.

While Mr. Zeldin (R-Shirley) asked listeners five questions, his office is only releasing the results of the first one: Which issues are most important to you?

Twenty-three percent of the nearly 1,340 callers said healthcare is the most important issue to them, Mr. Zeldin’s spokesperson Jennifer DiSiena said an email Monday, adding 242 people said the environment is the most important issue, followed by immigration or border security and taxes.

Additional options in the survey included: education, economy or jobs, infrastructure, veterans and spending debt, she said.

“We are only publicly releasing the results of the first survey question,” Ms. DiSiena added. She declined comment when asked why the results of the other questions weren’t going to be released. 

During the telephone town hall, the congressman also asked his constituents:

• Do you approve of the job I’m doing in Congress?

• Do you approve of the job President Trump is doing?

• Do you believe our country is on the right track or the wrong track?

• What do you believe should be done with the Affordable Care Act?

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File photo: Congressman Lee Zeldin. (Credit: Grant Parpan)