Riverhead School District

Riverhead schools hosts Sixth Annual Crazy Sports Night

Things got a little crazy once again in the gym at Riverhead High School Thursday night, when the district hosted its Sixth Annual Crazy Sports Night.

Six teams of Riverhead teachers and staff competed in six events, including the hula hoop pass, basketball 3-point shot, newspaper races, balloon races, ball relay and hungry hippo.

This year’s teams included Phillips Avenue (orange), Roanoke (grey), Riley Avenue (yellow), Pulaski Street (blue), the Middle School (purple) and Aquebogue (red).

The evening began on a solemn note, with Emcee Doc Greenberger asking the crowd to “please keep the Anderson family in your thoughts and prayers,” in recognition of recently deceased football player John Anderson, followed by the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance led by the High School NJROTC Color Guard.

Each team performed an entrance routine then participated in the first three events.

The Riverhead Blue Masques performed a song from Hairspray during intermission, followed by the final three events.

Pulaski took home the trophy, scoring 28 points, with Aquebogue coming in second at 25 points. Phillips and Riley tied for third place with 23 points each, followed by Roanoke (21) and the middle school (20).

The event raises money for the Riverhead Parent-Teacher Organization Executive Council.

One of six teams in this year’s event, the Aquebogue team poses for a group shot before opening ceremonies . (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
The Middle School team rallies while the crowd is arriving. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Roanoke poses for a group shot in their “Keep Calm Roanoke Is Here” team t-shirts . (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
A Riverhead Blue Masques student performs the National Anthem during opening ceremonies. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
NJROTC Color Guard led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Riley’s fans go wild for their team’s Pikachu-inspired entrance. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Phillips stuns the crowd with their entrance routine set to the song “Kick Start My Heart.” (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Pulaski starts the night off dancing to “Ju Ju on that Beat.” (credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Aquebogue’s team mascot, Winnie the Pooh, leads their routine to “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Riley’s team concentrates as they carefully work the hula hoop through a human chain in the night’s first event — the hula hoop pass. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
A member of team Phillips concentrates during the Basketball 3-point shot. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
The crowd holds its breath for Pulaski’s last-second shot at the buzzer. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Mrs. McKillop and Mr. Densieski, who served as judges, deliberate. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Teams struggle to keep pages of the Riverhead News-Review stuck to their bodies while competing in newspaper races . (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
A proud Aquebogue player triumphantly returns to his team after winning the night’s third event. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
The Riverhead Blue Masques entertain the crowd during halftime with a song from their upcoming show ‘Hairspray.’ (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Things get heated in the fourth event — balloon races. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Middle school teammates racing to the finish line in balloon races. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Players had to pop balloons to finish the race. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Riley and Phillips players compete in the fifth event — ball races. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
A Roanoke player hopping her way down the gym. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
A middle school player races to finish. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
A boy from the Aquebogue team drawing the 50/50 raffle winner. The winner donated the $407 earnings back to the Riverhead PTO. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Riley, Phillips and Pulaski players compete in the last event — hungry hippo. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
A Phillips player stretching to gather as many balls as possible. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
The Aquebogue team cheers on their hippo during the last moments of hungry hippo. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Young boys in the crowd showing their team spirit. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
Young girls waiting for the winners to be announced. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)
The Pulaski team holds their trophy up after being announced as the winners with 28 points. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)