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Featured Letter: Let your voice be heard at Riverhead’s BOE meeting

To the editor:

It’s been only two months since the last Riverhead Central School District budget and Board of Education vote, and the BOE is now short two board members. As an interested taxpayer who has run several times for the BOE, and a participant at almost every meeting, my opinion is that the two open slots on the board should go to the two candidates that received the next two highest number of votes in the May election.

The public spoke when they voted this past May, and the BOE should accept the public’s wishes and reward the candidates with the next two highest number of votes with the two vacant seats on the board. The board should not leave the seats vacant nor appoint someone who didn’t even run in the last election.

I urge all Riverhead taxpayers to attend the next BOE meeting, scheduled for Thursday, July 6, at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. You took the time to come out and vote for your candidate in the May election; now come out and let your voice be heard once again.

Salvatore Mastropaolo, Calverton