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Restaurant and car wash proposed for Route 58

A new development featuring a restaurant, retail store and car wash is being proposed for Route 58, across the street from the middle entrance to the Riverhead Centre shopping center.

The proposal calls for demolition of an existing single-family residence and barn on the property, according to the application.

The 1.4-acre parcel, on the southeast corner of Route 58 and Pulaski Street, is owned by James Wilson, whose family lost one-third of an acre of their land to a 2009 condemnation procedure town and county officials said was needed to build a new road connecting Pulaski Street to the Riverhead Centre parking lot.

Previously, Pulaski Street merged with Mill Road and Route 58.

Riverhead Town recently agreed to pay the Wilsons an extra $275,000 in addition to the $615,000 they had previously received.

Photo caption: The site of the proposed development. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

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