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North Fork Optical website goes from basic to ‘state of the art’

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North Fork Optical, a three-decades old Mattituck business, has a fresh new digital presence courtesy of icXpro.

The Main Road optical center was the winner of a website giveaway sponsored by ICVM Group of Mattituck and created by Times Review Partners.

Launched using the icXpro platform, a service designed specifically for professional services businesses such as law firms, accounting firms, health care providers, consultants, financial planners and others, the new site features updated and better organized information about North Fork Optical and makes it easier for potential customers to find them on the web.

Visit the new website

“They’re such a great fit for the platform,” said ICVM Group president and icXpro co-creator Stephan Roussan. “They hadn’t addressed their website needs in a long time. They’re also very busy and can’t afford to get bogged down into a prolonged marketing project, but they still need the end result to complement their business.”

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A big part of the story of North Fork Optical is its history, having launched in 1981 and following its clients’ eye health throughout the years with a level of personal attention not often met by big chain competitors. The business has also evolved with technology, offering new diagnostics and screening for a wider variety of conditions than in the past.

“It’s a modern practice, but with the same friendly and personal attention it’s always been known for,” Roussan said, adding that it was important to include all those details in the company’s website.

North Fork Optical partners, Dr. David Eilbert and Brian Gerard, described the process for updating their site through icXpro as both “easy and professional.”

The project kicked off with a meeting between the two companies to discuss North Fork Optical’s history and what makes it unique. The ICVM team also used the meeting to assess the company’s digital needs and immediately set out to work on the creation and design elements. Roussan described the initial conversations as “high-quality, targeted interactions that greatly informed our design process.”

Once a working prototype site was created, North Fork Optical was able to provide feedback that was quickly folded into the site… accomplishing in days what can often take weeks or months with traditional website development. “The response time was remarkable,” Gerard said. “We discussed what we wanted and they were immediately on it.”

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Roussan said clients enjoy the icXpro website creation process because it challenges them to have conversations that help them better understand and talk about their own business. “It’s engaging, and because it doesn’t drag on forever you really have the client’s full attention for that important window of time,” he added.

North Fork Optical said its website hadn’t been updated in more than a half dozen years. Even as its business evolved, the site had remained the same.

“We kept saying we really should do this,” Dr. Eilbert said of revamping the site. “What we had was extremely basic and now we have what I would call state of the art.”

For Roussan and ICVM, the launch brings life to another successful project.

“Even after 21 years, you never get tired of helping a great client launch a new website that they can be proud of,” he said. “We’ve been neighbors and customers of North Fork Optical for a long time, and we were very happy to be able to do this for them.”