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Riverhead Town seeks grant for septic upgrade at Reeves Beach

Riverhead Town will pursue a grant to update the septic system at Reeves Beach on Park Road.

The system will be upgraded as part of the Suffolk County Water Quality Protection and Restoration Program and Land Stewardship Initiatives, said Dawn Thomas, town community development administrator.

It will replace the current system, which services public restrooms, with a modern nitrogen-reducing system to “take some of the nitrogen out of the Long Island Sound,” Ms. Thomas said.

The project will cost $79,625, she said. Riverhead will be responsible for nearly $40,000, which has already been budgeted, and the matching grant would pay the remainder , Ms. Thomas said.

The grant application is almost completed and is set to be submitted by the end of this week. If the grant is approved, the project will be scheduled for completion in early spring, before beach season.

“It’s very important because with getting rid of nitrogen, every drop counts,” Ms. Thomas said.

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