Guest Spot: Waiting for the next three-ring circus act

In light of the recent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations, juxtapose that to the vile and racist comments against people of Haitian and African descent made by the president of the United States.

They are comments that have been repudiated around the world. The president is no longer using a dog whistle, he is shouting with a bullhorn “Make America Great Again.” In the bright, hot lights of his recent comments, the slogan really means “Make America White Again.”

The principle motivation of this slogan is anger, fear of cultural displacement by people other than black. It’s anxiety about the erosion of white privilege and all that it guarantees, but mostly it is about the “browning” of America. In my opinion, President Trump is clearly not a religious man unless you believe that being compulsively devilish is a form of religiosity. President Trump has been called a cheat, a liar, an adulterer and a bully. If he were black he would be called a thug! His ascension to the most powerful office in the world can be directly attributed to our morbid fascination with celebrity and wealth. This is supposedly a Christian nation; however, the silence of the evangelical Christian right during the president’s racist comments is deafening.

Meanwhile, the defense of this circus-like atmosphere and its lunacy is appalling. Many have said in defense of the president that his comments were not racist and that he was speaking for the betterment of “our nation.” Would someone please inform these people that technically the only people who have the right to speak of “our nation” are the Native Americans, whom are only called Indians because of an ignorant explorer who thought he landed in the West Indies. Can someone remind these people that Haiti was the first free Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere. The Haitians fought in the American Revolution and helped defeat the British Colonialism and then went back to Haiti to fight the French. The only reason America would do nothing to assist the Haitian people is because of the fact that Haitians, unlike American blacks at that time, were so proud that they would rather die on their feet than live on their knees. Will someone inform these people that while the Norwegians and Europeans were struggling to exist, black Africans had advanced civilized nations with aqueducts, roads and pyramids.

The present administration seems devoted to not only political but cultural domination. Unfortunately, the president’s thirst for attention has locked many of us into a co-dependence on his narcissistic personality disorder, causing all of us to sit in front of our televisions in anticipation of the next foolish three-ring circus act. There’s a reason why Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus went out of business after 143 years — it just could not compete with this present-day presidential circus.

Mr. Hobson is a Riverhead native who lives in Virginia.