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Social media threat discredited, Riverhead police and school officials say

In a letter to parents Wednesday afternoon, Riverhead Central School District Superintendent Aurelia Henriquez announced that a threat was circulating on social media earlier in the day. 

The anonymous threat has already been discredited by police, Ms. Henriquez said in the letter posted on the school district’s Facebook page. A Riverhead Town police duty officer confirmed that as well.

“We immediately contacted the Riverhead Town Police and conducted an internal investigation,” Dr. Henriquez said in the letter. “It has been determined that there is no credibility to the posting for Riverhead and its origins are believed to be out of state.”

The school district was not on a lockdown or lock out due to the threat.

“We take all matters concerning the safety of our students and staff seriously,” she continued in the letter, which was also emailed to parents. “We thank everyone who brought the posting to our attention and the Town police for their assistance in investigating the situation. While this threat was unfounded, it does serve as an important reminder of the viral nature of social media and its associated consequences.”

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This article has been updated since it was originally posted.