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Riverhead, Baiting Hollow library budgets pass

The Riverhead Free Library’s $3.8 million budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year passed in a vote Tuesday, 179 to 82.

The approved library budget represents a $239,834 increase in taxes over the current year. While that increase amounts to a 6.7 percent increase in the tax levy, the budget does not pierce the state’s 2 percent tax cap. Exclusions permitted in calculating the cap brought the library’s number down to 2 percent, according to director Kerrie McMullen-Smith.

One hundred and thirty-seven people voted in this year’s election, Ms. McMullen-Smith said.

Louise Wilkinson, Janet O’Hare and John Munzel were each elected for a three-year term on the library Board of Trustees; and Dean Terchunian was elected to fill a vacant position on the board for one year.

Five candidates were seeking four seats. Ms. O’Hare was the top vote-getter with 114 ballots cast in her favor. Ms. Wilkinson received 111, Mr. Muzel got 104, and Mr. Terchunian received 91. Ron Wood took in 84 votes. 

Voters in the Riverhead Central School District also cast ballots Tuesday on the budget for Baiting Hollow Free Library. That budget calls for $12,375 in taxes, up $200 from the current year. The budget passed by a vote of 163 to 92. There were a total of 92 absentee ballots included in those totals, officials said.