The Work We Do: David Borders, Scoshire Kennels

Hi, I’m David Borders. I own Scoshire Kennels. It’s located here in Aquebogue at 324 Church Lane.

We have been out on the North Fork and grooming since 1984. I started grooming in Manhattan in 1965 right after high school and worked for the Animal Medical Center. I ended up going out to San Francisco and I worked out there for a young man and I would get a dollar a dog and do face, feet and tail on a poodle, and wash and dry his dogs for him.

I came back to New York and went to the New York School of Dog Grooming, but I learned so much in California I was too advanced for the classes. I got a job on 50th Street and First Avenue. I worked with a girl there and she wanted to get out of grooming, so I bought her business from her.

I didn’t go to college and grooming was something I could do to give me a profession. I ended up buying an Airedale terrier and competed, showed and bred them.

In ’84, we bought a house in Greenport and I continued to groom at my business in Manhattan and commuted, and groomed out here in the summertime.

I think the best part of the job here is the dogs, and their owners. I think really when you cut hair, you get to know your owners quite personally. I’ve always been very talkative with them and it makes your business.

I get up at 4:30 a.m. every day. I check all the dogs and the birds out here. If I hear any dogs during the night, I get up and check everybody that is boarding. We live on site, and when you have a kennel you have to be reliable and you have to check things. 

I basically open here at 6:30 in the morning and the people drop off their dogs and by now we’re washing, drying and haircutting the dogs so we can get them all finished.

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