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Riverhead school board honors 22 retirees

The Riverhead Board of Education honored 22 retirees at its meeting Tuesday night.

Board president Greg Meyer shared information about each retiree’s time in the district and presented them with a plaque during the meeting. The retirees were also treated to cake.

The retirees are:

• Director of pupil personnel services Elizabeth Chappell, who worked in the district for 29 years. Mr. Meyer described her as “an extremely hard worker, whose responsibilities are extensive and ever increasing as a result of State and Federal mandates.”

• Elementary teacher Ann Anthony-Smith, who taught at Riverhead for 20 years. Mr. Meyer credited her “exceptionally strong abilities in the area of communicating with and relating to young children have facilitated her students’ trust in her and their ability to achieve to their potential.”

• Guidance counselor Judith Arnone, who worked in the district for 31 years. The board said she was “a strong and effective advocate at getting students needed services.”

• Transition Coordinator Elva Beyer, who worked in Riverhead for 20 years. She was “commended for her leadership role in developing the transition program; her organization, communication and tenacious attitude are all skills that she executes with grace and persistence to benefit the students.”

• Elementary teacher Jacqueline Case, a 23-year veteran of the district. Mr. Meyer described her as a “compassionate, organized, knowledgable and enthusiastic first grade teacher.”

• Elementary teacher Emily Chizever, who taught in the district for 28 years. Mr. Meyer called her a “home-grown success story who has been a valuable member of the kindergarten teaching team and the whole Riley Avenue Elementary family.”

• High school English teacher Sharon D’Amico, who taught at Riverhead for 18 years. She was described as going “above and beyond for the district, not only in the classroom, but with the extra-curricular activities as a class advisor, chaperoning athletic competitions and offering herself for class coverage when needed.”

• School librarian Rosaleen D’Orsogna, who spent 31 years at the district. Mr. Meyer credited her knowledge of technological resources and said she “creates a positive classroom atmosphere.”

• Elementary teacher Lonnie Hughes, who taught in the district for 24 years. He was called a “highly effective elementary teacher who has established a classroom environment in which all students are valued and appreciated.”

• School psychologist Lydia Perret, who spent 21 years working in the district. She is “well respected among her students, colleagues and administrators; she is a valuable member of the middle school team and will be greatly missed,” Mr. Meyer said.

• High school science teacher Domenick Sacca, who taught at Riverhead for 19 years. He was described as “possessing a great deal of knowledge in science,” Mr. Meyer said. “He has a high level of dedication and is constantly looking for ways to reach his students.”

• Elementary teacher and math specialist Dawn Schneider, who is retiring after 25 years in the district. “She makes an effort to work with students who are struggling and persists in seeking and finding ways to help them understand the curriculum.”

• Teaching assistant Dorothy Fraser, who worked at Riverhead for 39 years. She was described as providing “high-quality teaching assistance to young readers and she is patient with struggling learners.”

• Teaching assistant Susan Herzog, who is retiring after 22 years at Riverhead. Mr. Meyer said she “helps to promote a positive classroom environment and she demonstrates fairness and consistency when dealing with others.”

• Teaching assistant Gail Jurgens, who worked at Riverhead for 30 years. Mr. Meyer said “Gail brings her gentle and kind-hearted nature into the classroom; her patience and understanding enables her to establish a positive rapport with her students.”

• Teaching assistant Deborah Masterson, who is retiring after 27 years. She was celebrated for providing a “high quality assistance to the classroom teacher and to the students and she consistently encourages the children to do their best in a structures, supportive environment.”

• School bus driver Wayne Ehlers, who retired in March after 24 years. Mr. Meyer described him as having a “positive, jovial attitude when dealing with parents, staff, school personnel and students.”

• School monitor Mary Fioto, who retired in April after 13 years at Riverhead. She “was a very dedicated individual who was na asses to the district.”

• Senior Clerk Typist Elizabeth Macksel, who is retiring after 28 years at Riverhead. Mr. Meyer said she “is well organized, proficient and has affective communication skills with staff and students.” Ms. Macksel also graduated from Riverhead in 1970.

• Principal account clerk Judith Money, who is retiring after 17 years. She was described as “friendly, pleasant, patient and always willing to assist.”

• School bus driver Anna Weston, who worked at Riverhead for 32 years. During that time she showed her “commitment other job and concern for the safety of her students every day.”

• District treasurer Gail Yeager, who is retiring after 46 years with the district. She is considered the “undisputed expert of the district office in terms of knowledge, experience and judgement,” Mr. Meyer said.

Photo caption: The retirees were honored at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting. (Credit: Nicole Smith)

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