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Giglio says the ethics board hasn’t asked any questions yet

While the Town Board has been waiting for the Ethics Board to make a recommendation on whether Councilwoman Jodi Giglio should be allowed to vote on Calverton Aviation & Technology’s status as “qualified and eligible” to buy and build out 1,640 acres of town-owned land in Calverton, Ms. Giglio said Tuesday that she has yet to be asked any questions by the Ethics Board.

The Coalition Against EPCAL Housing filed an ethics complaint against Ms. Giglio April 12 claiming that she “tainted” the Q&E process by meeting privately with CAT in Manhattan on March 12 to discuss their plans for EPCAL. 

The coalition feels she should recuse herself from voting on the Q&E issue.

The Town Board recently voted to hire an outside attorney to advise the Ethics Board because the town’s own attorneys would have a conflict representing a town official who appointed them. 

Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith said the Ethics Board has met and is still trying to get answers to their questions.

They will meet again July 10, Ms. Jens-Smith said.

“They haven’t asked any questions yet,” Ms. Giglio said.

She said later that she met with the ethics board in May, and her attorney asked for a list of questions they would be asking, and the board declined to provide them.

The board has agreed to hold off on the Q&E vote until the Ethics Board gives its recommendation. 

Editor’s Note: This post was updated with additional comment from Ms. Giglio.

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