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SWR board plans to adopt revised school safety plan next month

The Board of Education held a public hearing Tuesday night on proposed changes to the districtwide school safety plan.

Changes to the plan, which is reviewed annually, were outlined by Mr. Arcuri. They include addition of the app Report It during the 2018-19 school year, which allows students to anonymously report anything they deem alarming; addition of the Raptor System, which generates passes for visitors that include information about where they’re going and when the pass expires; and hiring the security firm Covert Investigations.

He added that the visitor pass database will allow the district to see within seconds of scanning a driver’s license if someone is a registered sex offender, is covered by any orders of protection and other concerns.

The district also changed the emergency plan chain of command, adding any district director to follow the superintendent and assistant superintendent. The director of facilities had previously been third in command. Mr. Arcuri said there are currently five directors and all can function in any of the four buildings within the district. 

Superintendent Poole said the revised safety plan would be available for public view and comment for 30 days and the board expects to adopt the changes at its Aug. 21 meeting.

He added that the districtwide plan is generic and that state law requires it to be made publicly available. In addition, each of the four schools has its own specific building-level plans that are not made public for safety and security reasons.

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