The Work We Do: Anastasia Lubrano, Dellaquila Beauty

My name is Anastasia Lubrano and I am a hairstylist with Dellaquila Beauty in Jamesport.

I love haircutting. I love it all, but I find when I’m cutting someone’s hair that I go off into a whole other place and that’s something that’s really special to me about my job. 

I grew up on the East End, and I was raised by a hardworking family in the food industry. I learned a lot as a small child. I can remember when I was young, understanding that taking care of people was something very personal and important.

We all have created something out on the North Fork that relates to some sort of service to people. What I’ve come to realize about the culture the Dellaquilas have created is that it’s not just outward beauty, but about people working hard in their craft and coming to visit with us and be carried through our team relaxed. That has become my definition of beauty. That experience has become very motivating for me and very inspiring, and has kept me very connected to my roots.

A typical day in the hair salon consists of a little bit of everything. Styling women, styling men, contemporary and classic color techniques and preparing in any way to make sure clients feel welcome.

D. and Frank Dellaquila are the owners of the hair salon. I met them as a teenager in my parents’ local shop and I was always interested in the beauty industry, so once I was thinking more about it, I thought D. and Frank would be great people to talk to. I walked up to D. and basically said, “Are you looking for any help? Would you be interested in someone part time?” I started from there and I started that Saturday, and went to beauty school later that year, and now I’m celebrating my 11th year here, so I would say that we were a fantastic match from day one.

One of the best parts of working on the Dellaquila beauty team is that we truly love working alongside each other. D. really refined me. She taught me not only the art of hairdressing, but the art of listening and the art of understanding people. That’s something that has carried through, not just in my work but in every aspect of my life.

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