The Work We Do: Sean Roche, Platinum Window Tinting

My name is Sean Roche. I’m the owner of Platinum Window Tinting in Riverhead, New York.

I’ve owned this business for about nine years now.

I got into the business from BOCES while I was at Riverhead High School, and my teacher got me an internship in the window tinting business at the end of my 12th grade year.

The main services that we offer are obviously window tinting. We also do paint protection, ceramic coating with Ceramic Pro and remote starts mainly in the winter time.

An average day for me is, I come in, clean up the shop a little but if needed and I’m ready for the first appointment. If I know what my customers are going to get, I pre-cut the patterns for the tints. All the appointments are scheduled back to back, so I pretty much don’t stop working from the time that I get here.

The first day of that internship I actually got the job and I worked with that company for about two years.

Once I built a reputation and I was very well known in Riverhead, I ended up stop working for the company I had the internship with and was hired, and I mainly worked out of here.

The main thing that I like the most about owning my own business and running it as well is the person to person interaction with the customers.

When someone submits a quote request, or they leave a voicemail and I call them back it’s very personal because I’m the owner and I’m also the only worker here. So when they want something done, I can personally talk to them and then when they come in . they’re talking to the same person and the same person is doing the work. So there’s no worry about quality at all.

I love seeing the customer happy when the job is done. Window tinting and detailing is like an art. So when I put so much time into someone’s car, seeing the customers’ reaction when it’s done is the best part.

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