The Work We Do: Giavanna Anzalone, Maximus Health and Fitness

Hi, I’m Giavanna Anzalone. I’m the assistant manager at Maximus Health and Fitness. I’ve been working here for about a year now.

So every day I come in, usually I start by making sure there are no member issues.

Usually at four, when I come in, that’s when all our classes are starting, so I say hi to all the members that are coming in.

I give out a lot of towels, and then a lot of people start to get smoothies, so I usually jump right into that.

I actually started working in the fitness industry when I graduated high school. I started working at Planet Fitness in Rocky Point, and ever since then I knew I wanted to work in gyms.

I started working at Maximus when I moved to Riverhead about a year ago, and I actually had a membership here right when I moved out here, and I was like, ‘Wow, this gym is great. I love how they have classes and everything.’ They had more to offer. So I knew I wanted to work in a gym like this.

I went from running every day in high school — I did track — and then, once I started working in gyms, I started to lift weights and I noticed a big change. I just feel more healthy all around.

And I also like seeing the members. They all have a transformation.

They come in, they set goals and then a few months later they all achieve their goals and it’s just great to see. It’s truly inspiring.

All the memberships here include our classes, so they get to take Zumba, Pilates and other classes. A lot of our members like to take our classes because it makes working out more fun rather than a daily chore.

Another favorite part about this gym is that we have a smoothie bar. I spend a lot of time making smoothies for people. We have this ginger lemon detox. It’s really good for you.

It’s also nice just to get to know everyone in the community because I moved here a year ago and I did not know anyone in Riverhead, and now I’ll go to Stop & Shop and see like 10 members. So it’s nice to start to know everybody.

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