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Readers respond to column on sexual abuse in Catholic Church

To the editor:

With the risk of seemingly defending sexual abuse by Catholic priests, I must write concerning Mr. Wick’s article, over the top at the very least, calling for the bankruptcy of the Rockville Centre Diocese.

One questions his depth of Catholic faith when he ignores the greater legions of dedicated men and women who serve in schools, colleges, hospitals, foreign missions, prisons, etc. which are partially funded and administered by the Diocese.

Mr. Wick’s cynical attitude relative to present-day church actions against predator priests reveals a personal bias by him. One wonders why?

Gerard Kearney, Southold

To the editor:

I thank you for reporting on the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. I am sick to death reading about the horrendous crimes by clergy abusing our children. However, if the continued reporting of their abuse is kept in national headlines, I want to believe we will be able to successfully eradicate this crime from every church, religious sect and organization.

I speak as a Catholic; however, we know this crime is not unique to Catholics. There needs to be more reporting of sexual abuse that occurs in other religious and/or secular organizations.

The Catholic Church must come out of the dark ages and recognize the need for and value of women in ministry, openness, inclusion and simplicity in personal adornments identifying church hierarchy, to name so few of the changes needed.

These men in church hierarchy, the abusers, have been allowed to step down voluntarily, with no risk of penalty for crimes perpetrated on our children, and retain their glorified titles in the church.

We need to eliminate the statute of limitations for crimes committed on the most vulnerable in our society by the most respected, revered by many in our society.

We need to continue to write/call our legislators to demand elimination of the statute of limitations in cases of child sexual abuse.

Thank you for continuing to keep this topic in the pubic eye, as I want to believe that, eventually, every “squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

Jean McQuaid, Cutchogue

To the editor:

Steve Wick’s indictment of the sexual predators within the Catholic clergy and the bishops who covered up their conduct is very compelling.

I would add that among the victims who have suffered from their hideous conduct are the many priests whose sacrifices and services to people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, who have had to endure the suspicions and lack of trust of Catholics and non-Catholics.

I have personally been witness to many acts of kindness and respect for members of the clergy by non-Catholics, and regret the disappointment they must feel.

I think that Mr. Wick’s expressions of outrage and suggestions for the Church moving forward should be welcomed.

John Viteritti, Laurel