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Town Board honors Riverhead High School Gay-Straight Alliance

Members of the Riverhead High School Gay-Straight Alliance were honored prior to the Riverhead Town Board meeting Tuesday night.

The Town Board issued a proclamation to recognize Oct. 11, 2018, as “Coming Out Day” in Riverhead. National Coming Out Day is an annual LGBT awareness day that dates back to the late ’80s.

“National Coming Out Day above all else though should serve as a celebration of a person’s journey to realizing not only who they are, but also a turning point from the loneliness and self-denial of concealing one’s identity, to the fulfillment of being true to one’s self to claim dignity, empowerment and self-respect, as well as the tolerance and support from others that is deserved by all,” the proclamation reads.

Teachers Jennifer Howlett and Caitlin Sheridan are the advisers for the high school GSA club.

Photo caption: Members of the Riverhead Town Board and the high school Gay-Straight Alliance club pose for a photo Tuesday night. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

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