The Work We Do: Beth Hanlon, Allstate

I’m Beth Hanlon. I’m Allstate agent. I have two locations, one in Riverhead and one in Wading River.

I’ve been an agent for Allstate for over 31 years. My dear friend in college is actually the one who encouraged me to become an Allstate agent.

I come in and check my emails. We get emails notifying us of any claim activity and then that’s when we follow up specifically with the customer, making sure they know we’re here to help them and assist them with the claim process because that is the moment of truth when it comes to insurance. It’s something people have to buy. There’s a lot of competition out there and we differentiate ourselves by making sure the customer experience is really our focus.

My goal is that people understand what their insurance needs are, and I help and assist them with advice to buy the right products.

My favorite part is meeting great people and being part of their happy times. I’ve been invited to customers’ childrens’ weddings that I remember in highchairs when I would would go to their house to set up their insurance. Being part of those good times, and unfortunately being there when someone passes, we’re the people who come and are providing them with a life insurance check. It’s a huge responsibility and it’s a good one to have, to have that type of influence and impact on somebody’s life, today and in the future.

Even though I’m the agency owner, I still get a charge at being able to sit down, meet a new client, and explain the benefits of having certain coverages.

I have a great team here too. We would not be as successful without the members that are in this agency. They care about the customers. After Superstorm Sandy they all carpooled to work even when some didn’t have power in their own homes.

When somebody says, ‘Thank you so much. You helped me through a bad claim’ or ‘You helped me through something as devastating the loss of a loved one,’ But that’s what our job is. And it’s our responsibility. And I take it very seriously.

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