The Work We Do: Marissa Drago, Main Road Biscuit Co.

11/27/2018 7:00 PM |

My name is Marissa Drago. I’m the owner of Main Road Biscuit Co. in Jamesport, N.Y. on the North Fork of Long Island.

A typical day for me, I come to the restaurant probably around 8:30. The first stop is always in the back to my baker. I stop into the savory section of my kitchen. I meet with my executive chef and my sous-chef. I take a look at how the restaurant looks, make sure the baked goods are all looking gorgeous and beautiful. I always make sure there’s backups of coffee, iced tea, hot chocolate and everything we need that our guests rely on us for.

I grew up on Long Island, I’m a Long Island girl. I ended up after college moving into the city. I actually worked in software for about six years. About a year after 9/11, I really made a commitment to just changing my career path.

I lived in East Hampton for a little while and worked at Barefoot Contessa and that was really my first foray into food. Pretty much as soon as I stepped foot inside the door, I knew that that’s what I wanted. From there, I did go to culinary school. I continued my food career in the city, ultimately in catering. I did corporate catering for about 10 plus years.

Marissa Drago of Main Road Biscuit Co. (Rachel Siford photo)

This building here in Jamesport became available and we decided we could open a restaurant. It was relatively turnkey, so we really need to just have a menu and a concept in place, then assemble a team.

My favorite part about owning Main Road Biscuit Co. is definitely the people that walk through the door. I love talking to them. I love getting to know our guests, but the thing that I really love the most is when the plate hits the table, fork is lifted, put into the food and put into their mouth. I love to watch the reaction of the first bite of food. It never gets old.

I always see a smile on people’s faces, or just sort of a nod. I love it, and that is really the most satisfying thing about this.

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