The Work We Do: Robert Nasta, My Creperie

I’m Robert Nasta and I’m the owner of My Creperie, located at 2 Sound Road in Wading River.

Our specialties are crepes. My wife was born and raised in Germany. She had a great recipe from her parents back home, and we decided, ‘Let’s take this to the market.’ We also do panini-press sandwiches, salads and ice cream — which goes with the crepes.

My normal day usually starts a few hours before the store opens. I get here and start doing my prep work, getting things set up for the day. All the veggies are fresh cut, fruits fresh cut, all the meats sliced up. I usually have about a half hour between when the store opens and when I finish. I usually meditate at that point, clear my mind to get myself ready for the day. From there it’s either cooking, prepping, or catching up with customers nonstop until the day ends.

I always had the mentality of, ‘take something from where it’s done well and supply it where it’s not done well.’ When I was a kid, I dreamed about making a New York-style pizzeria in California. It’s very cliche, but that thought grew into, ‘Hey, we have crepes from Europe the way they’re supposed to be,’ and at the time, there was a major void for that so, we decided to fill the void.

To pinpoint a favorite part of this job is difficult. I think most people understand the notion of how great it might be to be your own boss — if I want to change things up, I change things up, I don’t have to run anything by anybody.

The community is amazing here. My wife and I are fortunate that when we opened this place up, it was in such a beautiful community. The people are kind hearted. There’s really no roughness, which makes it really easy to do what we do here. I love to converse with people — catch up with what’s going on in their lives, share what’s going on in my life. It’s nice to put a smile on people’s face and give them a homey feeling.

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