The Work We Do: Nancy Greenseich, Indian Island County Park

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My name is Nancy Greenseich. I work at Indian Island Park in Riverhead.

I’m part of the labor crew and a cashier up in the main check in station. 

I’ve been working at this park for three years. I started out at Smith Point before I transferred here.

When I come in in the morning, I open up the register. Then we get a site check map done for the campers that are here, update the board and we wait for customers to come in, check in, renew their green keys.

We have a nice size labor crew that does maintenance in the park.

The main responsibilities here are keeping the campground clean, keeping the bathrooms clean, picking up the beach, making sure there’s no litter and keeping the leaves off of the campsites and trails, mostly because of the ticks.

I only had been in this park once, a long time ago. I didn’t know this place honestly existed.

So when I was transferred here, I was pleasantly surprised how much I love it here.

I came from the beach, you know, and coming into the woods…it’s a much different atmosphere here.

Before that, I was a nurse’s assistant at Brookhaven Hospital. One day, I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. I never left the building; I was never outside.

Being a nurse’s assistant taught me to love customer service, and now I’ve found my purpose, being here.

My favorite part is probably down by the point. It’s beautiful down there.

I don’t mind going to the sites, meeting the people and making sure everything is OK. We get phone calls up here about situations like the lights out, or something’s wrong with the water spicket, or whatever. I like solving people’s problems.

We work for parks, and people who come into parks, it’s their recreational time. It’s the stuff that they love to do, hanging out with their family and friends. It’s downtime for them.

It’s nice getting to know them. It’s nice seeing the same faces, it’s nice seeing the kids growing up.

It’s relaxing for them. We try our best to make sure that that happens.

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