The Work We Do: Phil Grosso, Amore Jewelry Design

I’m Phil Grosso, owner of Amore Jewelry Design. We are located in the Shoppes at East Wind in Wading River. I’ve been a jeweler since 1983, when I graduated high school. Started in Canal Street and the Bowery. From there, I owned a store in New Jersey for 20 years and now I’m back to my roots. I grew up in Hauppauge and here I am, back on the Island, loving it.

My brother’s godfather was like an uncle to us and that’s how I got into the jewelry business on Canal Street. His name was Sylvester, and I like to bring up his name because he deserves credit. I found it easy, you know, and Sylvester was a great teacher. He taught me all about gem stones and he let me sit on the benches in the back and polish jewelry and he taught me how to set stones and everything. And like I just said, I just found it very, very easy, I was always mechanical as a kid. And I just fell in love with it right from the very get-go.

A day of a jeweler – the days I don’t have to run into New York City and see my watchmakers and my diamond setters and buy supplies or have someone do a special digital design for me online, it’s really, coming to work, setting up the store, checking all your social media and checking your emails. Then, I hit the back room and do my repairs that I’ve taken in throughout the week. And I do all the repairs right here in the store myself.

We do custom designing for anything, not just engagement rings or wedding bands, we can make you a pair of earrings, we can make you a special mother’s pendant.

I can repair any jewelry. If it can be manufactured, it can be repaired. I do a lot of watch repairs here in the store and if I can’t do them myself, I  do have watchmakers that I go to and bring the work to.

Most of my jewelry is 14-karat white gold or 18-karat white gold, some yellow, some rose gold.

Once somebody does business with me, they’re usually customers of mine for life.

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