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Conor Galvin advances on ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ records second fastest time

With his 93-year-old grandfather “Ducky” Walsh cheering him on, Conor Galvin of Baiting Hollow put on a show in Monday night’s episode of “American Ninja Warrior.”

Conor was one of nine competitors out of 99 to complete the course and he did so in the second fastest time. His time of 2 minutes, 7.02 seconds sends him into the Baltimore City Finals. As one of the fastest two competitors in the Baltimore Qualifier, Conor raced against Dave Cavanagh for a chance to earn the Speed Pass to the National Finals. The two competed head-to-head at the end of the episode on the Power Tower. Dave completed it just ahead of Conor to become the night’s top performer.

Conor’s grandfather, a Navy World War II veteran, provided inspiration.

“Ducky has always come to all my sporting events since I was a small kid,” Conor said in an interview on the show. “I think he gave me the luck to get through this course.”

As Conor sped through the course without a hitch, the announcers on the NBC show raved about his performance.

“What a debut for Conor Galvin!” “The rookie was flying!”

Before he was shown competing on the course, the episode featured a brief montage of Conor and his grandfather. One picture of Conor as a high school student shows him in a Bishop McGann-Mercy baseball uniform.

“I wasn’t thinking much of anything, just having so much fun out there,” Conor said about the course during a post-race interview.

The next episode that airs July 8 is the Los Angeles Qualifiers. The Baltimore City finals are set to air Aug. 12. It’s not guaranteed that Conor would appear on that episode, although an NBC spokesperson said it is highly likely.

During the city finals, Conor will face an extended 10 obstacle course and the top 15 competitors advance to the national finals in Las Vegas.

Conor Galvin slides into home plate in 2012 during a McGann-Mercy baseball game against Mattituck. (Credit: Robert O’Rourk/file)