The Work We Do: Paula Albert Franz, Franz Music Studios

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Hi, I’m Paula Albert Franz and I’m the owner of Franz Music Studios in Wading River. We are a full-service music school, specializing in piano, voice and guitar. We also offer instrument lessons on strings, woodwind, brass and percussion, including the full drum kit, ukulele and banjo. 

Our family really encouraged all the arts and I was fortunate to have a very kind, dedicated and knowledgeable piano teacher, Mrs. Weigel. It’s my goal here at Franz Music Studios to combine these qualities that she had with my own personal love for the piano and music in general. By doing this, I hope to instill a timeless, lifelong love for music in all of our students.

Having taught in the Shoreham-Wading River school district for over 30 years, I decided I wanted to open my own music school with my family. Here, you’ll find me specializing in piano lessons. My daughter, Ariana, recent graduate of LIU Post, NYS schools certified music teacher, is specializing in voice lessons. And my son Gregory specializes in piano, string and about all the instruments you can think of. My son Julian has the woodwind world covered with his clarinet, and my husband Eddie is our guitar guru, who has been playing on the Island for many years.

We’re fortunate to have about a dozen music teachers who have been friends and colleagues for many years – some, even former kindergarten students.

Since we opened in September of 2018, the community has been extremely welcoming and supportive. We’ve had about 200 students visit us to date. I am so thankful and truly inspired by the students’ and their families’ desire to make our school and music an important part of their lives.

Whether a student’s goal is to learn how to read music for the first time, play their favorite song or play in a band, maybe improve of NYSSMA, All-State or college entrance, or maybe just for the sheer enjoyment of making music for music’s sake, this is the music school for everyone.

We have very different musical events. One is a music art events where an artist comes in, Jacqueline Maldonado, and she will lead the group in painting a theme that connects to music. Two great examples were the songbird silhouette symphony, inspired by our own finches, which we keep at the studio –the kids love to come in and see them. And our other one, which was my favorite, was dancing waters decoupage. Here we decoupaged old sheet music onto a canvas, selected a sea animal for the center and then washed watercolors and blended them all together. It came out beautifully.

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