Dazzling display of Tesla coil at celebration of famed inventor: photos

The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe in Shoreham celebrated the 163rd birthday of Nikola Tesla and the 100th anniversary of Tesla’s autobiography, “My Inventions” Saturday.

The event featured the largest scale operating Tesla coil in the world — a 40-foot tower that was completed in October 2018. It’s capable of producing 60-foot bolts of lightning at 3 million volts, according to Greg Leyh, the electrical engineer who built it.

Wardenclyffe is Tesla’s only remaining laboratory.

The science center’s Executive Director, Marc Alessi, is currently working with domestic and international investors to rebuild Wardenclyffe and position the TSCW as revolutionary global science, education and technology center on Eastern Long Island.

About 800 people pre-registered for Saturday’s event and about 1,200 attended to see demos and presentations that were also live-streamed to thousands around the world.

Mr. Leyh’s Tesla coil was positioned in the spot of Tesla’s original tower.

Top photo caption: Greg Leyh sparks his 40ft Tesla coil (currently the world’s largest operating coil, capable of producing 60-foot bolts of lightning at 3 million volts) on the spot where Nikola Tesla’s original tower once stood. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

See more photos below:

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